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Articles Tagged 'Newsnight'

Russell Brand

WATCH: Russell Brand, Middle Name ‘Fire’

Comedians sometimes like to think of themselves as agents of social change, because they have seen through the commonly-handed down myths of society, and realize that a good percentage of them are hooey. Then presented their findings in the form of comic monologues. But there aren’t that many of them that are prepared to be […]

The Cookie Monster on ‘Newsnight’

BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ Interviews The Actual Cookie Monster

It’s tricky to work out who should be the more honored to appear with whom in this situation. Last night, on the BBC’s most serious, least frivolous, most argumentative current affairs show Newsnight, the news of a drastic turnabout in the corporation’s ability to attract the top grade talent was broken with due solemnity, as […]

Paxman: Royal Wedding Has “Virtually No Significance Except…”

Jeremy Paxman, the tough-talking anchor of BBC’s Newsnight, gave his take on the royal engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton in an interview with Matt Frei on last night’s BBC World News America. “A royal wedding is bread and circuses,” he said. “It is a happy event. Everybody enjoys a wedding.” But he added: […]