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Articles Tagged 'Nerdist Week: Year in Review'

Top 5 Nerdist Podcasts of 2011: No. 1, Science!

It should not be all that surprising that when I asked our readers at for their favorite Nerdist Podcasts of 2011, the episode getting the most mentions featured a real-life astrophysicist. You’d expect anything less? Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth […]

Top 5 Nerdist Podcasts of 2011: No. 4, A Good Friend Drops By

In honor of Chris Hardwick‘s latest Nerdist special, The Nerdist: Year in Review, which will air Saturday night, Christmas Eve, December 24th at 9/8c on BBC America, I, the editor of, am here at Anglophenia to offer our consensus Top Five Nerdist Podcasts of the Year. As I mentioned Monday, I enlisted our listeners to help out, because it’s […]

The Greatest British Viral Videos Of 2011

We all know how this game works, as soon as we’ve nailed down the top five British viral videos of 2011, another one will come along, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, and blow them all out of the water. So, let’s just say this is A top five, it’s to add to the Nerdist Week pile, […]

10 Greatest British Tracks of 2011

As the sun sets on another year, and the bloggers post their final compilations, attempting to make sense of quite a disparate musical landscape, the Anglophenia music obsessives have been busy in conference, trying to work out who owned 2011, and who failed to even grasp 20:11. It’s been a rum year for British music, […]