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WATCH: James Corden Flaunts It on the Catwalk for Burberry

James Corden is not only the new face of American late-night TV; he’s quickly becoming an icon of high fashion in his own way. The Late Late Show host just learned to properly sashay on the runway under the tutelage of supermodel Naomi Campbell. (And he also stripped down to his pants for an underwear […]

Paul Giamatti

Downton Abbey News Roundup: Paul Giamatti Joins the Show, and Other News

There will be even more pushy Americans crowding into Downton Abbey next season. The show’s producer has announced that Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti will be joining the popular British series for the season-ending special, which airs on Christmas Day in the U.K. The Sideways star will play Harold Levinson, the playboy brother of Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern), the American […]

Five Great British Supermodels Who Deserve A TV Biopic

To celebrate the occasion of Karen Gillan’s astonishing portrayal of Jean Shrimpton in We’ll Take Manhattan, here are five more Great British Supermodels who deserve their own moment of dramatic historical recreation. Twiggy Our original skinny minnie, given the name Twiggy because, well, she was quite thin. Her ’60s fame translated into ’70s mainstream success, […]

Naomi Campbell Attacks Cadbury’s Over ‘Racist’ Advert

It was only yesterday that we were singing the praises of Cadbury’s and their chocolate, but now they find themselves at the center of a race row, with the supermodel Naomi Campbell issuing threats of legal action over an advert for their newest candy bar. The ad, which depicts a chocolate bar called Dairy Milk […]

Glammed-Up Naomi Campbell Serves Executive Realness at “Blood Diamond” Trial

In testimony at a war crimes trial in the Netherlands today, model Naomi Campbell said she received some “dirty looking stones” from two strangers after she attended a dinner party hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997. Prosecutors want to know if the stones were “blood diamonds” from Liberian leader Charles Taylor. Campbell previously denied that […]

Rhys Ifans Loses It, Amy Winehouse May Have TB, Naomi Campbell Is Sentenced

Video: cameras were rolling as Rhys Ifans, reportedly angry over his split with Sienna Miller, lobbed a bottle at paparazzi and was confronted by police – who let him off with a “warning.” As much as I loathe some of those photographers, shouldn’t he at least have been arrested? He could have seriously injured someone.(The […]

Naomi Campbell To Collaborate With Raunchy French Filmmaker

Naomi Campbell has been cast in Catherine Breillat‘s latest film. Breillat is known for films that contain “graphic scenes of sex and violence.” With Naomi starring, she should have no problem getting the latter.(Telegraph) Paul Weller talks about turning 50, making “the most ambitious album of his career,” putting the past behind him, his clothes, […]

Did Naomi Campbell “Racially Abuse” an Airport Cop?

Allegedly, saliva wasn’t the only thing Naomi Campbell was slinging at that cop at Heathrow: did she also spew racial slurs? If true, man, she’s in trouble. They don’t play that in the UK.(The Sun) A Ringo Starr statue in Liverpool has been beheaded by vandals. NME says, “There is speculation that the attack on […]

Naomi Campbell Arrested At Heathrow For Alleged Spit Attack

Somewhere Tyra Banks is smiling a little bit wider today: Naomi Campbell has struck again! The slap-happy supermodel allegedly assaulted a police officer in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and was arrested after boarding her British Airways flight. No, she didn’t fling her mobile this time: according to E! News, she. spat. on. him. Oh really? The […]

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