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Articles Tagged 'Myths'

Robot of Sherwood

Was Robin Hood Real?

This week’s Doctor Who story “Robot of Sherwood” seeks to answer one of the greatest mysteries in popular English history: was there really a Robin Hood? Did he do the things he is reputed to have done and if so, when and where did these things take place? Naturally, being Doctor Who, the answer will […]


5 Great British Sprites for Fairy Day

I know! Hasn’t time just flown by since last year’s Fairy Day celebrations? Some of us have only just got the dust and muck off our sparkly wands, and that was not without risk, bearing in mind their tendency to backfire messily. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect magical forces at work. Still, here […]

Daniel Craig

Seven British Myths Kept Alive by James Bond

For 50 years, the film adaptations of Ian Fleming’s Bond books have helped cement the U.K.’s reputation as a suave, chic land. Alas, it doesn’t take an undercover investigation by MI6 to reveal that the reality is a bit different. If anyone has ever tried to sell you on the following Brit falsehoods, don’t believe […]