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WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen Shines as the Aging Sherlock Holmes

That British sleuth Sherlock Holmes has been brought to the screen in many different incarnations, but the latest portrayal, in the film Mr. Holmes starring Sir Ian McKellen, is markedly different in that it shows him as a deteriorating 93-year-old reclusive gent in retirement on the south coast of England. Sir Ian sees his Sherlock […]

Photo Gallery: Sir Ian McKellen Throughout the Years

Sir Ian McKellen portrays a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes in the new film Mr. Holmes, premiering on Friday, July 17. But in actuality, McKellen the actor is a spritely 76. Regardless of what age he is, or perceived to be, McKellen doesn’t let a number define him. His talent and charm shine through just as much now, possibly even […]


WATCH: New ‘Mr. Holmes’ Trailer Reveals Unsolved Case

Mr. Holmes hits U.S. theaters on July 17, and we have a new trailer. There have been times that a film rolls out photo after photo, and a teaser trailer, and then another trailer, building up to the release, and you’re like, “Really? I know the whole story now,” but this isn’t one of the […]

‘Mr. Holmes’ Photocall – 65th Berlinale International Film Festival

WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen Stars in New ‘Mr. Holmes’ Trailer

Why hello, Sir. We’re always happy to see new news about Sir Ian McKellen, particularly when it pertains to his forthcoming role as the sly sleuth Sherlock Holmes. We’ve already had a first look at two teaser trailers for Mr. Holmes, which stars McKellen as the semi-retired detective winding down to enjoy his later years […]

Ian McKellen as Sherlock in ‘Mr Holmes’ (Pic: BBC Films)

WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen in Second ‘Mr Holmes’ Teaser

Sir Ian McKellen just tweeted the link to this, the second teaser trailer for his forthcoming movie Mr Holmes, in which he plays the elderly detective Sherlock in his later years. Sherlock Holmes as you've never seen him, in this preview (outside UK) of my new film MR HOLMES. In cinemas soon. — Ian […]

Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in ‘Mr Holmes’

WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen as ‘Mr Holmes’

The first clip has been posted of Sir Ian McKellen playing Sherlock Holmes in the film Mr Holmes, based on Mitch Cullin‘s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind. In a note on his Facebook feed, Sir Ian explained the set-up: “I am the intrepid detective Sherlock Holmes and here’s the twist: I’m 93 years […]


First Look at Sir Ian McKellen as ‘Mr. Holmes’

It’s fair to say that Sir Ian McKellen is generally thought of an actor who establishes iconic roles, rather than following in the footsteps of others. But the legendary thesp is making an exception for his next film project, in which he will play the man listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “most portrayed […]