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10 TV Series That Were Movies First: Some You Might Know… Others a Surprise

Mindy Kaling and writing partner Matt Warburton have recreated the 1994 rom-com classic Four Weddings and a Funeral into a TV series. It’s not necessarily a remake, with changes to the storyline and characters, but it holds onto the same premise: a group of friends relying on each other as they go through the highs (weddings) and lows (funeral) […]


10 Ultimate Feel-Good Movies Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits

We know: It’s the dead of winter, and every day seems more miserable than the last — but we got you. We’ve found 10 movies guaranteed to put a spring in your step and lift the most miserable of moods. We’ve even included where and how you can watch each of them too. Whether you like joyful musicals, 80s […]

Jaeden Lieberher stars as Alton in Midnight Special.

Psychic Powers: Which Movies Handle Them Best?

Super powers are ten a penny nowadays. No movie is complete without someone’s arm or head extending beyond its natural capacity or a hero using superhuman strength to trash a truck or unearthly speed to pin a villain to the floor. Midnight Special, on the other hand, opens in theaters today and has already been heralded by […]


WATCH: Play ‘Find the Brit’ in This Weekend’s Releases

At long last it’s finally the weekend, which means you have another chance to play Find the Brit at the multiplex. This weekend, you’re sure to be a winner because there are plenty of British actors to be spotted. Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz pops up as a megalomaniacal witch in Oz the Great and Powerful, the […]


Play ‘Spot the Brit’ in This Weekend’s New Movie Releases

Playing every Anglophenia reader’s favorite game, Spot the Brit, is going to be easy at the megaplex this weekend. Five movies that opened today (Oct. 5) star English or Irish actors or otherwise boast a British connection. Here’s a quick rundown: Taken 2 Irish-born Liam Neeson karate chops and shoots his way through Taken 2, […]

Elizabeth II: Screening the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned longer – 60 years compared with 44 – than namesake Elizabeth I, but the current monarch trails her predecessor when it comes to the number of times she has been depicted in movies. Then again, the Virgin Queen herself never starred in a movie, much less shot one. That’s exactly […]

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