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Articles Tagged 'Movie Review'

A Tale of Two Terences Behind ‘The Deep Blue Sea’

Filmmaker Terence Davies doesn’t work often but when he does it’s always worth paying attention. The British director’s latest film, The Deep Blue Sea, a passionate romantic drama starring Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale, opens this weekend (Friday, March 23). The Deep Blue Sea is Davies’ deft adaptation of a  popular 1952 […]

REVIEW: ‘Fright Night’ Shows a David Tennant Ready to Rule Hollywood

When Fright Night, a merry, updated remake of a 1985 horror hit, opens today (Aug. 19), it should help firmly establish Doctor Who vet David Tennant in Hollywood. In Fright Night, he has a bloody good time — accent on the bloody — playing a popular Las Vegas entertainer who reluctantly helps a local teenage boy (Anton […]

Dominic Cooper Carries ‘The Devil’s Double’ Solo

Today’s riddle: How can Dominic Cooper appear in three roles in two movies in one month? Answer: He plays dual roles in one of the movies, The Devil’s Double, and does it brilliantly. Cooper, the fast-rising British star, already popped up last week as inventor Howard Stark (father of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man) in […]

‘Captain America’ Enlists Army of British Supporting Actors

There has been much press of late about British stars being cast as American superheroes — Henry Cavill as Superman and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man — but it appears the real story is that it takes an English village to raise these comic book good guys to their full potential. Take Captain America: The First […]

McAvoy and Fassbender’s Acting Superpowers Elevate ‘X-Men’ Prequel

Professor X is an Oxford man. That’s just one of the many nifty nuggets one learns watching X-Men: First Class, the wham-bam movie reboot of the Marvel comic book series about mutant superheroes. A high decibel action-adventure film aimed at summer moviegoers, First Class, which opens today, is an origins story. It goes back to […]

James McAvoy: A Conspiracy of Talent and Sex Appeal

I keep waiting for James McAvoy to become a gargantuan star. After Atonement, I fully expected the Scottish-born actor to turn up on the cover of People magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. With those baby blues, how could he miss? Now, four years and three movies later – his latest, The Conspirator, a historical […]