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Rock biogs

Seven Startling Stories from Rock Biographies

Rock biographies often contain a strange mix of unexpected revelation, unorthodox behavior and jarring encounters with mundane reality. The best also have very human stories that linger in the mind far longer than, say, lengthy descriptions of the recording process or bitter examinations of old contractual problems. Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones’s recently released memoir, Lonely Boy, is […]

Paolo Nutini

5 British Stars Overlooked By the 2015 Grammys

Have you seen the full list of nominations for the Grammy awards? Have you? Eighty-three categories! Eighty-three! That’s at least seventy-five more categories than is strictly necessary for any awards ceremony, and once you consider that each one has five nominations, it because practically inconceivable that anyone who has been within shouting distance of a […]


Is Morrissey Going to be in ‘The Archers’?

This might be the most English Anglophenia post we’ve ever put up, until we’ve dotted the is and crossed the ts on ‘Match The Crumpet To The Sherlock Holmes Quote’ or somesuch. Morrissey, the scalpel-tongued poet laureate of British rock, has been offered a guest appearance in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers—the longest-running serial drama […]

Peter Serafinowicz sings Morrissey

Peter Serafinowicz Sings Morrissey’s ‘Autobiography’

The thing with books is, no matter how well written they may be, you can’t dance to them. And Morrissey’s autobiography Autobiography is no exception. Thankfully the British comedian Peter Serafinowicz – of Shaun of the Dead and Darth Maul’s voice fame – has come up with a solution. To set each page of the book […]


Morrissey: “I Almost Died”

Back in March, the British indie star and purse-lipped grump Morrissey was hospitalised with an ulcer, Barrett’s oesophagus and double-pneumonia. At the time, his representatives were keen to play down the situation, claiming that he would honor his concert commitments and keep on rocking until kingdom come. Well, it seems this was largely wishful thinking […]


Call Off The Shots: Girls Aloud Split Up

It must be lovely to be a rocksnob. Imagine how much time you save in your music-loving day having your decisions already made for you. Your taste predisposes you towards things with guitars, things that sound like other things with guitars that have gone before, in an eternal lineage that stretches back over the 20th […]

The Smiths

Listen: Super-Rare Rehearsal Recordings Of The Smiths

What with Morrissey incapacitated by pneumonia and Johnny Marr rampantly striding the world’s stages as a solo act, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the very beginning of their respective careers, with this long-lost demo tape of the Smiths. A recording taken of the band in rehearsal has emerged online, and […]


Morrissey Hospitalized With Double Pneumonia

OK, hands up, who’s been attacking Morrissey’s immune system? Militant meat eaters, was it you? I’m looking in your direction, the royalists, anything to confess? Over the past few months, the truculent singer has been struck down with the following ailments: anemia, a bleeding ulcer, and the Barrett’s esophagus, a condition akin to a severe […]


Another Day, Another Preposterous Morrissey Quote…

In every Morrissey interview there is a quote. It might sit next to beautifully expressed thoughts about the nature of performance, about the nature of personal growth, about what exactly is wrong with celebrity culture, but it will be the sole quote that anyone focusses on, and for one good reason: it’s beyond the pale. […]


David Bowie Won’t Allow Morrissey to Use Private Photo

Brit music icons David Bowie and Morrissey are engaged in a bit of a skirmish, according to reports today. Apparently, Morrissey is re-issuing his 1989 single “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” and wanted to use a private, previously unseen photo of himself and Bowie as the cover art. But quicker than you can […]

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