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Articles Tagged 'Monaco'

Before Kate and Diana, An American Princess: Grace Kelly

When it comes to poised, polished commoners marrying into royalty, Kate Middleton‘s not the first to have every detail of her wedding reported upon breathlessly by the world’s press. Take Grace Kelly, the Hollywood actress whose marriage to the Prince of Monaco over half a century ago was a sensation on both sides of the […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Monaco’s “What Do You Want From Me”

Not satisfied with my posting of The Beloved‘s “Sweet Harmony”, my dear friend Jorge told me, “Put up the Sha-la-la-lalala song or I’ll hurt you real bad.” Given that my friend is 6-foot-6, 260 pounds of bronzed Peruvian muscle, and fearing an imminent bashing about the face and throat, I immediately scoured the bowels of […]