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Articles Tagged 'Mitt Romney'

Jon Stewart in ‘The Daily Show’

5 Very British Moments on ‘The Daily Show’

The problem with gathering together any kind of greatest hits of Jon Stewart’s captaincy at the helm of The Daily Show–which he announced is coming to an end–is partly one of being awash—there is so much stuff to choose from–and partly fear: can you get away with repeating some of the more provocative things he […]

WATCH: Alan Cumming on President Obama’s ‘Disappointing’ Debate

Alan Cumming is disappointed by President Obama’s performance in last week’s debate. “Maybe he was tired, he just didn’t do very well. I was disappointed I think everyone was. I think he was a little on the back foot,” says the Scottish actor. He adds: “It’s certainly revitalized Democrats because they’re thinking ‘oops’ [Mitt] Romney’s […]

Are Obama, Romney Courting ‘Downton Abbey’ Fans?

When it comes to the 2012 U.S. presidential election, both candidates appear to be hoping to curry favor with stateside fans of Downton Abbey, the popular, Emmy-winning, British TV series. Back in March, when President Barack Obama and wife Michelle held a swank dinner at the White House for visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron […]

Mitt Romney Sparks Olympic-Sized Controversy in London

While Mitt Romney isn’t running for anything in Britain, today he’s running from something – namely, his own comments about the Olympics. On his first day in London, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee suggested that the British might not be up to hosting the Games. “It’s hard to know just how well it will turn […]