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Articles Tagged 'Mind the Gap'

US Celebrates Birth Of Royal Baby Boy In Britain

How to Make a British Friend in America

Simon Pegg showed us how to lose friends and alienate people in the 2008 film adaptation of Toby Young‘s memoir named exactly that, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. We’re going to take a more positive spin on that concept and flip it around, how to make friends, British mates specifically. Here are 10 […]

Oyster the Cat

Mind the Cat: Oyster the Cat Hitched a Ride on London Tube

Commuters on the London Tube were surprised to see a feline passenger riding the train alone, sitting comfortably on a seat, reports Metro U.K. We picture the orange tabby with a bow tie and briefcase, desperately avoiding eye contact, like all of the other train riders. But, alas, “Oyster” is just a typical domestic cat. […]


Class Project: Let’s Cook Some Marmite

If there’s one single product that has come to represent the distance between British and American cuisine, it’s probably haggis. But if there was a second choice, and it had to be something that could spread on your toast like jelly, that flowed thickly, like syrup, but was savory like cheese, it’s Marmite. But what […]

Personality Quiz: Could You Pass For British?

Some of you will have been reading Anglophenia for quite a while, absorbing huge chunks of British culture and possibly even dreaming of one day passing for a fully-fledge Limey. Well, how do you know if you’ll manage or not if your knowledge and understanding isn’t put the test from time to time? With that […]

Tea calms Britons

12 Ways to Speak and Spell Like an American

Working as a journalist in Los Angeles, I often read requests for people who can speak and understand “British English” or “American English” – but what does that mean? As a new arrival in the U.S.A. you will notice that some things are different – and sometimes very different. 1. Swaps Thanks to modern communication, […]

University of Chicago Emergency Room (Photo via AP)

10 Tips for Brits on Surviving the U.S. Healthcare System

As you may have gathered from this summer’s furor over the Supreme Court’s healthcare verdict of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the subject of what to do if you fall ill in the U.S. – and, more to the point, who pays for it – is a hot topic with many Americans. If they detect […]

10 Things British Expats Will Miss About the UK

Ditch Blighty for the U.S., and you may find yourself longing for the best of British. 1. Marmite Actually, you can sometimes find the delicious brown gloop in U.S. supermarkets, although I’ve no idea who’s buying the stuff – other than the odd homesick Brit. Every American I’ve consulted on this has either never heard […]