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Mick Jagger

Brits with Birthdays: Mick Jagger Gathers No Moss at 70

If there’s a run on birthday candles in the U.K. this week, there’s an easy explanation.  Way too many famous Brits are celebrating birthdays. Tops on the list is Mick Jagger, the living legend of rock ‘n’ roll, who turns 70 on July 26. When still a much younger man, he once said, “I’d rather be […]

Hugh Bonneville

‘Downton Abbey’ News Roundup: How Many More Seasons to Come?

Downton Abbey may be off the air until the start of Season 4 but that doesn’t mean there’s no news of the show or its stars. (Season 4 will begin showing in the U.K. in September and in the U.S. on January 5.) If Downton head producer Gareth Neame has his way, the hit show may last for many seasons […]

Stones Billboard Ad

Rolling Stones Announce North American Tour

The Rolling Stones had so much fun performing in the U.S. last year that they’re heading back this summer for a nine-city tour, reports the New York Times. The Stones have been Tweeting up a storm of hints: IS EVERYBODY RRREADY?? #StartMeUpWednesday — GRRRegory (@GRRRegory) April 3, 2013 As well as placing some suggestive billboards […]

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger Rolling to Glastonbury?

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is hinting that he and the rest of the band may be making an appearance at the famed Glastonbury music festival, reports NME. Jagger is smart not to make any false promises because it’s a pain when things fall through and then you have to overexplain what happened. He tells […]

The Rolling Stones

LISTEN: Rolling Stones Latest Single ‘One More Shot’

“Oooohee, baby.” The Rolling Stones “have got a message for you” with their latest single ‘One More Shot’. It’s the second release from their greatest hits compilation ‘GRRR!” Oh, sure, people may think the iconic band is asking for “another shot” at living the rock ‘n roll life. But, aren’t they already? The iconic band, led […]

Happy 50th Birthday, The Rolling Stones!

Now, before anyone attempts to blow out the impossible wall of fire on the cake, we are going to pause for a moment, and attempt to summarise the adventures of the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band In the World, the piratical gang of suburban bluesmen from the foggy streets of Olde Londone who reintroduced America […]

Mick And Keith Finally Bury The Hatchet (For Now)

Well now, here’s a story which is kind of a surprise and yet also no surprise at all. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have announced they’ve put their bickering behind them, and are finally able to spend time together as friends, just like they used to. The squabbling Stones hit a rough patch in their […]

Is It Sexist To Use A Rolling Stones Urinal?

In Berlin, a new museum is opening which is devoted to the Rolling Stones. It’s full of old souvenirs from their 50 year career, collected and curated by fans. A delightful cultural asset to any city, I trust you’ll agree. But, should you gentlemen find yourselves needing to answer a call of nature while visiting, […]

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