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Articles Tagged 'Michael Price'

Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock

5 Inventive Versions of the ‘Sherlock’ Theme

David Arnold and Michael Price’s theme music for the BBC’s Sherlock is one of the most recognizable and classy themes in British TV history. It has bits of old spy music in there—not least John Barry’s work on the theme for The Ipcress File—and a bittersweet romantic sweep that lifts emotions and gives them a […]


‘Sherlock’ Composer Promises “More Epicness”

When it comes to building up excitement around a well-loved and soon-to-be-returnin TV show, Sherlock has played a blinder by getting the man who composes all the music to offer his take on the events that are about to be portrayed. After all, a composer has to be at the heart of the story, has […]

Nico Rogner and Louise Brealey in ‘Delicious’

WATCH: Louise Brealey of ‘Sherlock’ In ‘Delicious’ Trailer

Time for a campaign, I think. Louise Brealey is great, isn’t she? She plays Molly in Sherlock, and so is well-versed in the art of facial expressions that subtly reveal deep the kind of emotional turmoil that must never be spoken aloud. That’s proper acting. And she’s in this new movie that is currently touring […]