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Articles Tagged 'Michael Apted'


Paul Almond, Original Director of the British ‘Seven Up,’ Has Died

The landmark Up documentary series, which has followed several Britons at seven-year intervals throughout their lives, is one of the cornerstones of U.K. cinema. Most filmgoers connect the franchise to British director Michael Apted, who took the reins of the series starting with the second film, 1970’s Seven Plus Seven. But Canadian filmmaker Paul Almond […]


’56 Up’ Revisits a Handful of Britons on Journeys Through Life

Almost a half century ago, one of the greatest of reality television shows began in England, only no one labeled it as such then. Seven Up, a documentary that focused on 14 kids from various strata in British society, each of them a bright-eyed 7-year-old, aired on Granada Television in 1964. Some 49 years […]

Michael Apted’s ’56 Up’ Set For January 2013 U.S. Release

They’ve become almost like old friends, and now we have another chance to catch up. For the past half century, fans of English filmmaker Michael Apted’s Up series have gotten to check in with the group of men and women he has been interviewing every seven years since they were 7-year-olds gathered to romp at […]