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The ‘Flying Lady’ Rolls Royce hood ornament (PIc: Scott Olsen/Getty Images}

6 of the Most British Cars that Ever Existed

In praising the automotive excellence of an entire country, it’s never the middle ranking vehicles that take the credit. You’re not going to see too many appreciative blog posts hailing the Austin Princess or Ford Granada as icons of a bygone age (although in a sense that’s exactly what they were). No, to really cut […]

Charles Tyrwhitt

10 British Things About Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital embraces all different cultures, including British influences. Here are 10 British Things About Washington, D.C.: 1. WETA Television D.C. has its very own local channel dedicated to British programming. These guys are hardcore boasting British programming, “around the clock”, seven days a week. The shows are oldies but goodies featuring the likes […]