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Articles Tagged 'Metallica'

Merch (Photos: YouTube/Tumblr/Pinterest/Artist websites)

10 of the Weirdest Items of Band Merchandise

When it comes to merch, there’s no such thing as too weird. Any item, no matter how tenuously connected to the music, lifestyle or performers, can be badged up with an artist’s logo and sold from a table at gigs. But some artists go the extra mile, really putting their creative energy behind such items […]

WATCH: Bill Bailey Covers Metallica Like A Seal Would

The musical comedian Bill Bailey – star of Hot Fuzz and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, among other things – has made no secret of his love of all things metal and hard rock. And this weekend he headlines his own stage, as part of Sonisphere, the European moveable feast of a metal festival. He’ll be […]

No Sex Please, We’re Coldplay Fans

*Rubs hands together* Oh here we go! There is nothing more fun that a survey which takes two pieces of unrelated information about people, runs them through a number-crunching logarithm and extrapolates a fun theory from the results. Actually, there are probably LOTS of things which are more fun than that, but bear with us […]