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The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)’

Assuming you’re up to speed from last time, let’s rejoin events at the battle of Camlann. Merlin makes his way to Arthur, where the knights are becoming swamped by Saxon warriors, including Mordred with his magical sword, Morgana strafes them with dragonfire, and blows away anyone that threatens her champion. It’s going to take a […]

The Diamond of the Day

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Diamond of the Day (Part 1)’

Oh lumme, here we go… The powerful druid Ari has arrived in Morgana’s throne room. She asks to see a demonstration of his powers, to see if he’s as good as people say. Having done as she asks, he is suddenly seized, and Morgana sets an Eancanah on him, a fearsome creature that can eat […]

Merlin: The Drawing of the Dark

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Drawing of the Dark’

We begin, as we often do, in a forest. Arthur and his men are returning from a trip, and Merlin has a cold. However, something is wrong. There’s smoke, evidence of fighting, and dead bodies. A hooded figure suddenly runs from the scene, and Mordred gives chase. As she trips over he recognises her, and […]

Merlin: ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

We begin in the dark, with a chase. There are dogs, there are explosions, and Morgana has caught someone. It’s Alator the torturer. She wants to know one thing, the location of Emrys, but he refuses to blab. This pleases Morgana, which is probably bad news for Alator. The next day, Arthur, Merlin and Gwen […]

Merlin: 'With All My Heart'

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘With All My Heart’

Note: due to a break in the broadcast of this final series of Merlin, we managed to get out of sync with the shows as they appeared on air. So, here’s the recap of With All My Heart, which was shown on SyFy last night. Kerfuffle is afoot. Evil Gwen is sneaking around the corridors […]

The Hollow Queen

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Hollow Queen’

After all the poison trouble from Evil Gwen last week, it’s strange that she would start this week’s adventure generously pardoning a young lad caught wandering around Camelot in the middle of the night. He’s been catching frogs, you see. Everyone catches frogs in Camelot in the middle of the night when they’re teenagers. And […]

Merlin: A Lesson in Vengance

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘A Lesson In Vengeance’

Arthur and Gwen are out for a romantic anniversary ride, and they’ve taken Merlin with them (for reasons that are unclear). However, their beatific calm is interrupted by an exploding sock, a ripped saddle, and an attack from the woods. Arthur dispatches the two men who are trying to kill him (with a little help […]

The Dark Tower

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Dark Tower’

Gwen and Elyan are out paying their respects to their father, who you may remember Uther killed way back in season one (looking the wrong way at a sorcerer crossing the street, or something). On the way back to Camelot, a hooded figure peeks from the trees… it’s MORGANA! And she’s got MAGIC SNAKES! […]

Merlin – The Disir

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘The Disir’

Three hooded witches in a cave, chanting together and pointing their sticks into a dark pool, pulling a coin from its depths. Then, outside, one of them gives instruction and the coin to a man called Osgar, and tells him Arthur Pendragon’s fate is in his hands. In Camelot, Arthur is training Mordred, and it […]

Merlin ‘Another’s Sorrow’

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘Another’s Sorrow’

Morgana and Odin have invaded the kingdom of Nemeth, friendly to Camelot and home to King Rodor and Princess Mithian. They’ve sacked the castle and taken it over, taking the royal family prisoners. Morgana strikes a bargain with Odin. If he can do the same to Camelot, he can have Arthur. Back in Camelot, a […]

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