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9 Things You’ll Find in a British Kitchen

Other people’s houses are strange, alien places, and their kitchens can be even more so. Multiply the weirdness by cultural difference and you’ve got a recipe (pun intended) for confusion and fear, the next time you pay a visit to friends in the U.K. What are those strange tins and jars? What do they contain? […]

Britain Preserving The Web

Snapshot: Anglophenia 2014 in Photos

It was quite a snaptastic year in Anglophenia-land, British celebs mastered the selfie, the Royals had some fun with photobombing, and we did some armchair traveling, exploring parts of the U.K. through photos. Here’s a snapshot of some great moments, with accompanying stories, from the past 12 months: January: Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen kicked off the year […]

British snacks

Junk Food Day: 5 Salty British Snacks Every American Should Try

Often the most exciting thing about a trip to another country isn’t the scenery or culturally enriching buildings, but a trip to the supermarket to find out what the locals enjoy eating when they’re watching TV. And as it’s officially Junk Food Day (as opposed to all the other days, when no one eats unhealthy […]

Marmite Taste Test, Feature Photo

Anglo-Kitchen Taste Test: What Does Marmite Taste Like?

We all get that Marmite is considered an acquired-taste. Even the makers admit that you either “Love it or hate it” with that being its tagline. Yes, we know that it’s a spread made out of yeast. Yes, we know that the yeast comes from beer residue. Yes, we know that Marmite came about during […]

Irn Bru

Canada Bans Marmite, Irn Bru and Ovaltine

Before we get into this, let’s just put to one side the idea that any banning of these most British of foodstuffs is to do with how they taste, OK? That snarky behaviour will not be welcomed, partly because it is bad manners, but mostly because they are actually, officially delicious. However, Tony Badger (and […]

Love Hate marmite

Marmite TV Ad Results in 100s of Complaints

Marmite, a savory yeast extract spread, is considered to be an acquired taste. Apparently, so is the TV ad that Unilever, the makers of Marmite, has come up with in their new campaign. Unilever embraced the “love it or hate it” reaction people have for the salty paste, creating a commercial that features a special […]


The Cultural Divide: Brits vs. Americans on Toast

Long before Paul Young had his worldwide smash “Everytime You Go Away” in 1984, he was in a soul rock band called Q-Tips. Despite releasing two albums, they’re best remembered by Brits for their 1978 novelty hit “Toast”, a spoken-word ditty to the delights of the bread snack. Like their love for novelty pop songs, […]


Class Project: Let’s Cook Some Marmite

If there’s one single product that has come to represent the distance between British and American cuisine, it’s probably haggis. But if there was a second choice, and it had to be something that could spread on your toast like jelly, that flowed thickly, like syrup, but was savory like cheese, it’s Marmite. But what […]

10 Things British Expats Will Miss About the UK

Ditch Blighty for the U.S., and you may find yourself longing for the best of British. 1. Marmite Actually, you can sometimes find the delicious brown gloop in U.S. supermarkets, although I’ve no idea who’s buying the stuff – other than the odd homesick Brit. Every American I’ve consulted on this has either never heard […]

Iconic British Things No.7: Marmite

If you’re anything like me, the very first thing you want to do on entering a new country is to go to a supermarket or corner shop and look at the everyday things which are common to that nation, but entirely alien to your home. Some labels will be very familiar, and some will be […]

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