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WATCH: Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in New ‘Allied’ Clip

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are teamed up in the forthcoming Cold War drama Allied, hitting theaters tomorrow (November 23). As we learn in the trailer, Cotillard’s character is suspected of being a sleeper spy. Pitt, who portrays her lover-turned-husband, is tasked with finding out whether or not she is a traitor to their cause. And, depending on the […]


WATCH: Marion Cotillard on Playing Lady Macbeth Opposite Michael Fassbender: ‘He Surprised Me’

Michael Fassbender is a man of many talents—and now he’s taken on Macbeth—one of Shakespeare’s greatest characters. The new Macbeth film, directed by Justin Kurzel, won’t be out until next year but Fassbender’s co-star, Marion Cotillard, who plays the formidable Lady Macbeth, found working opposite him a little unpredictable—but in a positive way. “He surprised […]

David Bowie – ‘The Next Day’

Just WHAT Is Going On In The New David Bowie Video?

When it was first announced that Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard would be appearing in David Bowie’s next promo video – for “The Next Day,” the third single since his sudden and overwhelmingly welcome comeback earlier this year – hosannas were raised. A Dark Knight Rises reunion, plus the single most charismatic rock star Britain […]

Anne Hathaway

Gallery: The BAFTA Film Awards Red Carpet – Frocks And Fellas

Two important things you need to bear in mind about this year’s BAFTA Film Awards before looking over this sample of celebrity arrivals: 1) it was HOWLING it down with rain in London tonight and 2) Simon Pegg looks like he could do with five more minutes, just to arrive properly. Helen Mirren has no […]