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Articles Tagged 'Malcolm McDowell'

Premiere Of Netflix’s “The Discovery” – Arrivals

Casting News: Malcolm McDowell to Star in Horror Flick ‘The Benefactor’

Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) has over 200 on-screen acting credits, and he’s about to add another one. The actor is set to star in the forthcoming horror flick The Benefactor, according to Deadline Hollywood. McDowell will play  a once-prolific painter. After his wife dies, he takes up an artistic residency. But, it appears he […]

Star Trek

10 British Actors Who’ve Appeared On ‘Star Trek’

The Star Trek universe is very big and very inclusive. People from all Earth nationalities and extra-terrestrial races mix freely within the crew of the Enterprise, and that means a huge variety of onboard accents. Sometimes this can result in employment prospects for some of Britain’s finest thespian talent, although the show’s most notably British […]


WATCH: The British Are Invading Your ‘Community’

That headline, which makes us sound like some modern day Paul Revere, should have gotten your attention. But of course you noticed the quotes around the word “community,” indicating that it’s not your schools or even your shopping malls that are being taken over by the British. Instead the target is the hysterically clever NBC […]


Malcolm McDowell and Matt Lucas Join ‘Community’

Blimey, Inspector! Looks like Greendale’s going to have a small British invasion on their hands. Filming for the fourth season of NBC’s Community is well underway, and casting announcements have been made! Hollywood Reporter confirmed British veteran actor Malcolm McDowell has signed on to appear in a multi-episode arc as Professor Cornwallis for the upcoming season. […]

British: The Accent of Evil

Ever wonder why ancient Romans in movies always have Oxbridge accents? Today, has done a video slideshow on how Hollywood movies deal with the tricky situation of foreign speech: to subtitle or not to subtitle. As Slate notes, a British accent can often stand in for different foreign languages: “One of the more convenient, […]