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Articles Tagged 'Lulu'

Eurovision Song Contest

Why Doesn’t The UK Win Eurovision Every Year?

In our last roundup of Eurovision delights, we were looking at the best, most memorable performances the competition had to offer. And, actually, surprisingly few of these have been from UK entrants. I say surprising because of all the European nations — of all the Eurovision nations too — Britain has dominated the field of […]

Who Were The Female British Invaders?

In our new music section, Tunes from the Thames, we list the top 10 greatest British Invasion artists. There, you’ll find The Beatles, The Stones, and other towering icons of music. Surely, British bands defined the 1960s, but the British Invasion wasn’t merely a sausage festival of Lennons and McCartneys and Jaggers. Female singers contributed […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Lulu’s “Boom Bang-A-Bang”

When Lulu came on American Idol this season as a coach, caterwauling and frightening the contestants, I said to myself, “She couldn’t possibly have been this scary when she was younger. No one would have taken her seriously.” I was wrong: as evidenced by this clip, she was even scarier. Bulging eyes, dramatic gestures, jazz […]

Brits Invaded “American Idol” Last Night

Thank God I wasn't the only person appalled by last night's "British Invasion" edition of American Idol. Idol could have given young audiences a nice music history lesson, but as Glenn Garvin tells us in the Miami Herald, they got it oh so wrong. For instance, Simon Cowell, who flippin' grew up during the British […]