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Articles Tagged 'London Underground'

London Underground Workers Participate In The first Of Two 48-Hour Strikes

London’s Underground Gets Topped Up with Wi-Fi

Have you ever found yourself about to hop on the Tube and realize you have to re-route? No fear, now you can make a quick call on your mobile to alert your mate. As of tomorrow (April 10), London’s underground will be offering Wi-Fi service to 150 of its stations, reports Time Out London. Right […]

Prince Harry Attends The Annual ICAP Charity Day

Brit-Spotting: Dame Helen Mirren Rides the NYC Subway in Style

London may trump NYC when it comes to dressing up underground travel, but the NYC MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) got a stylish upgrade with Dame Helen Mirren riding the subway this past weekend. A subway sleuth snapped her picture, which you can see below: Well, that just happened | Dame Helen Mirren sitting across from me on […]

Gales and Heavy Rain Threatens Festive Getaway

Snapshot: 10 Awesomely Designed London Tube Stations

The London Underground, also known as the Tube, is meant for transport. But, in some cases, the stations themselves are actually destination spots worth going to see based on their architecture and aesthetic: 1. King’s Cross 2. Notting Hill Gate 3. Baker Street 4. Canary Wharf 5. Victoria Station 6. Angel 7. Westminster 8. Liverpool Street Station 9. […]


WATCH: London Commuter Challenges Tube to a Race by Foot

Surely you’ve been on a train inching along, and thought to yourself, “I could get there faster on my own two feet.” While London’s Underground has been deemed “one of the world’s best metro systems,” Londoner James Heptonstall, 30, saw a challenge and took it; racing London’s Tube from the Mansion House stop to Cannon […]

Dance Party on Tube

WATCH: London Tube Car Turns into VIP-only Dance Club

It’s kind of the worst when you to head to a club to find it’s at full capacity, and the only way to get in is “one in, one out.” It’s even worse, if it’s your train ride home. A London Tube car was transformed into a full-fledge nightclub, which required ID and status, according to […]

Joan Rivers

London Transport Pays Tribute to Joan Rivers

As upsetting as the passing of a comedy legend like Joan Rivers undoubtedly is, it’s hard to escape the thought that she would want there to be something funny to come out of it. This is, remember, someone whose first impulse was always to get the laugh, even on subjects that would, on the face […]


10 Great Things About the London Underground

For many Londoners, complaining about the London Underground is a daily custom. There are those who grumble loudly about delays, overcrowding and tourists who stand on the left-hand side of the escalators, but even they would have to admit that, as a whole, the Tube is one of the greatest things about living in the city. […]


WATCH: ‘Unfinished London’ is a Lighter Look at City Transport

London has one of the largest and most complex transport systems of anywhere in the world — and that’s even before getting in to the countless ambitious plans for alternative routes and stations that were, for one reason or another, ultimately abandoned. In a series of humorous videos on YouTube, comedian and songwriter Jay Foreman […]


WATCH: The London Underground Sings Blur

Wherever you go on London’s Underground, you’ll hear the sound of music. There are buskers banging drums, buskers singing plangent ballads, buskers huffing on saxophones and buskers crooning big band ballads (without a band, big or otherwise). And now it seems even the ticket barriers are getting in on the act. Take the fourth barrier […]

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