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Celebrating the Skyscrapers of London

The United Kingdom isn’t traditionally thought of as a place to house gigantic skyscrapers in the way that the likes of New York, Dubai and Shanghai are known for—but take a look at the modern skyline of London, and you’d be surprised at just how many of the shiny, gleaming monoliths there are.

Some British dental tools (Pic: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

10 Areas in Which Britain Outranks America

Everyone is good at something, whether it’s playing the tuba or standing on one leg. And it’s the same with countries. Iceland, for example, are not so great at coconuts but marvelous with puffins. So many league tables are published that pit nation against nation in so many different disciplines that it’s the work of […]

Watling Street

10 Hybrid Images of Festive London

Merry Christmas from everyone at Anglophenia! Here, to set your festive morning off with a blast from the past, are 10 images created by the photographer Peter Macdiarmid, after scouring London for the locations of various Christmassy photographs taken in the U.K. capital at various points over the last 100 years. The method is fairly […]


10 Must-Try Cake Shops in London

America may be home to world-famous bakeries like the Sprinkles empire, but we’re newbies compared with the Brits, who’ve been baking luxury cakes since the Middle Ages. London, in particular, has an intense cake game—not to mention some pretty marvelous cupcakes. Along with the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London, add these patisseries […]

Wizard Chamber

WATCH: London Hotel Features ‘Harry Potter’ Rooms

Sure, Florida’s Universal Orlando theme park has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but can you sleep over? In the 163-year-old London hotel the Georgian House, located a 35-39 St. George’s Drive, guests can now book several rooms based on the Harry Potter films. The experience is kicked off with music and candles as guests […]

Joan Rivers

London Transport Pays Tribute to Joan Rivers

As upsetting as the passing of a comedy legend like Joan Rivers undoubtedly is, it’s hard to escape the thought that she would want there to be something funny to come out of it. This is, remember, someone whose first impulse was always to get the laugh, even on subjects that would, on the face […]


WATCH: ‘Unfinished London’ is a Lighter Look at City Transport

London has one of the largest and most complex transport systems of anywhere in the world — and that’s even before getting in to the countless ambitious plans for alternative routes and stations that were, for one reason or another, ultimately abandoned. In a series of humorous videos on YouTube, comedian and songwriter Jay Foreman […]

UK’s biggest umbrella, Canary Wharf, London, Britain – 21 Oct 20

Snapshot: 17 Photos of Umbrellas at Their Best and Worst in London

Has your umbrella become your new best friend these days, always at your side? Even if it’s sunny in the morning, an April shower may catch you off guard. But, if you planned well, you have your trusty umbrella nearby.  The thing is, that umbrella can transform into a “frenemy” and turn on you with […]

24: Live Another Day (All pics: Fox)

Your London Guide to ’24: Live Another Day’

Yesterday, Jack Bauer returned to the world’s TV screens in a new series of 24, which is Bond-ishly entitled 24: Live Another Day. It is entirely set in London, which gives us the perfect excuse to take a tour of the city as seen through the eyes of the various agents, counter-agents and Presidents that […]

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