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Articles Tagged 'Liz Hurley'

Five Great British Supermodels Who Deserve A TV Biopic

To celebrate the occasion of Karen Gillan’s astonishing portrayal of Jean Shrimpton in We’ll Take Manhattan, here are five more Great British Supermodels who deserve their own moment of dramatic historical recreation. Twiggy Our original skinny minnie, given the name Twiggy because, well, she was quite thin. Her ’60s fame translated into ’70s mainstream success, […]

Christian Bale “Will Not Take Part In This Gossip Nation”!

In an interview with Esquire UK, Christian Bale says his behavior on the set of Terminator: Salvation “was not excusable” and admits he’s “never been laid back and cool at all.” But he won’t discuss the alleged blow-up with his mother and sister: “I just think it’s a family matter. That’s the end of it. […]

Why Are the “Peep Show” Dudes So Popular in the UK?

The Peep Show boys, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, have a profile in today’s Telegraph. The piece begins curiously, Andrew Pettie openly questioning their quite booming careers: They haven’t coined a contagious catchphrase or created outlandishly memorable caricatures, as Little Britain did. They haven’t produced a single work of unalloyed genius like The Office. Nor […]

Liz Hurley’s Wedding Party Bombs in Bombay

Liz Hurley is trying to usurp Jade Goody’s title as Most Hated Woman in India: it appears organizers behind Hurley and Arun Nyar‘s wedding party were told not to build a deck on a beach in Bombay. It was a public beach, after all. But the organizers defied the orders, and the authorities tore the […]