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Articles Tagged 'Linda McCartney'

Watch: Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ Documentary Trailer

When your life is as stuffed with fascinating events as Sir Paul McCartney’s has been, and you’ve been as open in discussing them as he has, it must be tough to find fresh points of interest when putting together a reissue campaign of your back catalogue. Nonetheless, there’s a lovely little documentary which comes with […]

Five British Husbands And Their American Wives

The rules of love are difficult to define, constantly changing, draconian and libertarian at one and the same time, and hard to read through all the steam, but there are common threads which unite generations. Beautiful women fall for ugly men, that’s a common (and if I may say, rather snooty) observation that comes up […]

Paul McCartney: ‘No One Captured The Sixties Like Linda’

The late great Linda McCartney’s pioneering rock photography — no flash, natural light, comfortable subject — is being celebrated in a new book which has been put together by her husband Paul (who apparently used to be in some band or other) and their children, with a little help from the equally great Annie Leibovitz. […]

Paul McCartney Not-So-Subtly Disses Heather In Tribute To Linda

I think you can take this as Sir Paul McCartney‘s first real, post-divorce statement about Heather Mills. In an article he wrote himself in yesterday’s London Times, McCartney paid tribute to late wife Linda McCartney ahead of an exhibition of her private photographs at the James Hyman Gallery on April 25th. As you would expect, […]

Paul McCartney: Heather and Linda Would Have Been Mates

Paul McCartney says late wife Linda McCartney and soon-to-be-ex Heather Mills would have been friends. “I know they’d like each other because they have a lot of things in common, not on the surface so much. A spirit, a toughness of spirit. No person would ever put them down. Put them down at your risk.” […]