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Articles Tagged 'Life Outside The TARDIS'

Life Outside the TARDIS: The Classic Companions’ Best Roles

Whovians, Anglophenians, Fiends. Romans and Gruntymen, this series has been a lot of fun. We found out that Arthur Darvill used to work with Sooty, we found out that Billie Piper and Matt Smith snogged, and we found out that David Tennant used to be a woman, but all good things must come to an […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: Elisabeth Sladen

Let’s start with an optical illusion. Watch this trailer for the 1965 Gerry and the Pacemakers movie (I know, I didn’t realise there was a Gerry and the Pacemakers movie either) Ferry Cross The Mersey. Now watch it again looking for a young Elisabeth Sladen, who is apparently in there somewhere. Hard not to see […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: Noel Clarke

Warning: if your only experience of Noel Clarke’s work has been as Mickey in Doctor Who, you may find some of these clips a little hard going. He has carved out a career as an actor, writer, director in a series of tough projects depicting inner city life in all of its gruesome reality. As […]

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble in ‘Doctor Who’ (Pic: BBC)

Life Outside The TARDIS: Catherine Tate

It’s just possible you may already know about some of these clips, what with Catherine holding down her own massively successful sketch show and appearing in the American version of The Office. Nevertheless, hers is a career blessed with more variety than a Manhattan newsstand on delivery day. And here are just some of her […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: John Barrowman

Be warned, one of these clips contains the least sexy moment of sexy dialogue in the history of people pretending to be other people for the benefit of everyone else. However, we shall endeavor to get through the trauma with the minimum of fuss. So, here’s a clipfest devoted to the non-Whovian (which also means […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: Freema Agyeman

This is the earliest clip we could find. It comes after her 2003 appearance in the notorious British soap Crossroads, which had been rebooted for the naughties. It also comes after an appearance in the 2004 short film Aisha The American. Here she’s in not only Casualty, but Holby City too. Two medical dramas in […]

Life Outside the TARDIS: Billie Piper

This will be a little more varied than our usual clip collections, because young Billie has managed three successful careers in a very short space of time. In 1996, she was the classic aspiring model-slash-actress, having appeared in more than a few teen ad campaigns, most notably for Smash Hits magazine: But not before she […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: Alex Kingston

After last week’s slightly disappointing (in quantity, rather than quality) YouTube trawl for nuggets of Arthur Darvill excellence, here’s a slightly meatier online resume. And with good reason: Alex Kingston has been very, very busy over the last 32 years. This isn’t even the half of it. Let’s start at the very beginning, as Mary […]

Life Outside The TARDIS: Arthur Darvill

Note: We began investigating this particular feature with such high hopes. Arthur Darvill is a man who clearly has a very bright career ahead of him (he’s working on a TV series called Broadchurch right now) and has had a reasonably bright past too. However, finding proof of his pre-Whovian past in video form is […]

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