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June 1973:  British rock band Led Zeppelin. From left to right, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham (1947 – 1980), John Paul Jones.

LISTEN: Did This Song Inspire ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin?

A judge in L.A. certainly thinks it might have. Last Friday (April 8) U.S. District Court Judge Gary Klausner ruled that the opening chords to Led Zeppelin‘s biggest hit sound enough like 1968 instrumental track “Taurus” by the band Spirit for a trial to go ahead. That means Led Zep members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant will have to […]


Are All the Greatest Guitar Riffs British?

That’s certainly what the listeners of BBC Radio 2 think, as a poll to find the U.K.’s favorite guitar riff of all time this week resulted in a near-lockout of the top ten for British artists. Voters were given a list of 100 famous rock riffs, selected by a BBC judging panel, with the eventual winner […]

Dark Side of the Moon

RIP Storm Thorgerson: 10 Of His Best Album Covers

It’s a mark of the strength of vision in the graphic designer Storm Thorgerson’s work – both solo and with the design collective Hipgnosis – that the news of his passing should have created waves of sympathy from rock fans all over the world. The designers of album covers don’t usually get that kind of attention. […]

Shredded music

10 Great British Bands Get Shredded

Let’s not spoil this with too much talk. Suffice to say there are 10 videos here, featuring some of the greatest musicans that Britain has produced. Only, they don’t really sound all that magnificent here. Quite the reverse, in fact. Queen I want to break free! Iron Maiden Run to the hills! Radiohead Is everything […]

Led Zeppelin

Make Your Minds Up, Led Zeppelin!

Hey, you know us. We try not to get involved in too many of those ‘he said, and then I said’ showbiz stories, because they’re often blown up from cryptic comments issued from the side of a star’s mouth in an unguarded moment, and more often than not, the truth is the exact opposite of […]

Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin Reunites On-Screen

Have you been sitting in your room listening to Led Zeppelin over and over pondering when they’ll make their return? Well the wait is over. The iconic group has confirmed the mid-October release of a concert film based on their 2007 charity performance in London. The film, entitled Celebration Day, will be released nationwide across 1,500 theaters. […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion Cash Funds Oxford University Scholarship

The proceeds from the reunion concert Led Zeppelin gave in 2007 have gone towards a £26 million scholarship at Oxford University, funding students who wish to study the humanities. The band only reformed to pay tribute to the legendary founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, who had died the year before. It remains their sole […]

Five Great British Nerdy Pop Stars

Pop stars are supposed to be beings made of pure charm and sexual energy. They need a fulsome knowledge of the work of Isaac Asimov like they need tooth decay. Nevertheless, a few nerds – like Thomas Dolby here – have managed to make their way through the prom night popularity contest that is the […]

Five Great British Drummers

It’s almost certainly unfair to trim this list down to just five players. A good band cannot become a great band without a great drummer (just ask the Foo Fighters, they’ve got two), and so for every great British band there ever was, there’s probably a more-than-decent sticksman giving it what-for at the back. And […]

Robert Plant Annoyed By Led Zeppelin Comeback Chatter

To the Led Zeppelin fans out there who are still holding out hope for a reunion, cool it already. Robert Plant isn’t interested. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the 62-year-old English singer/songwriter reveals that he quite enjoyed performing with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones during a tribute show honoring the late music […]

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