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Articles Tagged 'Leah Rozen'

British Weddings, Not Necessarily Royal

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton, few young British couples get married in Westminster Abbey, clad in a military uniform and designer gown, and arriving at the ceremony via horse drawn carriage. Not by a long shot. We don’t have the resources here at Anglophenia to investigate the circumstances of all 231,490 marriage ceremonies that […]

Pattinson Trades Vampires for Elephants – Will Twihards Follow?

Robert Pattinson — whose latest non-Twilight movie, Water for Elephants, opens today — should consider asking Leonardo DiCaprio for career advice. R-Patz’s problem? What’s a good-looking, sleepy-eyed young male star, one with actual acting ambitions and some talent, to do when he’s become the object of lust for fervent teenage girls worldwide who want only […]

James McAvoy: A Conspiracy of Talent and Sex Appeal

I keep waiting for James McAvoy to become a gargantuan star. After Atonement, I fully expected the Scottish-born actor to turn up on the cover of People magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. With those baby blues, how could he miss? Now, four years and three movies later – his latest, The Conspirator, a historical […]

‘Paul,’ Pegg & Frost’s Alien Movie: Close Encounter, But No Cigar

Coming to America may have been a mistake for English funnymen Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. While we Yanks are always happy to welcome talented folk to our shores, the duo’s maiden American effort, Paul, isn’t up to the hilarious standard set by their earlier movies. Paul, a humans-meet-alien comedy, opens in theaters on Friday. […]

WATCH: 25 Years of Christian Bale in Clips

Forget all his amazing performances and that he’s up for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar this year for The Fighter. Here’s my favorite fact about the Welsh-born Christian Bale: his stepmother is Gloria Steinem, the feminist icon. (She wed his father, David Bale, an animal and human rights activist, in 2000; the elder Bale died […]


Ready, Set, Go for the BAFTAs: A Preview

As the seemingly endless, Louboutin-shod march to the Academy Awards on February 27 continues, all eyes will focus on London this Sunday (February 13) evening when the British Academy of Film and Television Arts hands out its coveted BAFTA awards. Think of it as Oscars East. Every year, the BAFTAs predict which way the Oscars […]

WATCH: Oscar Nominee Helena Bonham Carter: A Career in Clips

It always comes as a surprise to see Helena Bonham Carter dressed in the latest couture concoction while walking the red carpet for an awards show or movie premiere. Where’s the corset? The sumptuous Elizabethan, Victorian, or Edwardian-era gown? The cloche hat? One has become so used in the past 25 years to seeing the […]

Why is Clark Kent Changing in a Red Telephone Box?

The 15 ft. bronze statue of Superman that stands in front the courthouse in Metropolis, Ill., a town that’s the site of the annual Superman Celebration festival, bears the inscription, “Truth – Justice – The American Way.” Now that English actor Henry Cavill has been cast to play the Man of Steel in a new […]

Colin Firth: From Literary Sex Symbol to British Acting Icon

For years, Colin Firth was the reading woman’s sex symbol. When a TV mini-series was made of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in 1995, and when a movie version was made of Bridget Jones’s Diary, Helen Fielding’s chick lit classic, in 2001, he wowed as the flesh-and-blood embodiment of each book’s respective version of Mr. […]

British Hopefuls For This Year’s Oscar Nominations

Movie fans will want to wake up early tomorrow. At 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 25 (5:30 a.m. for West Coasters), this year’s Academy Award nominations will be announced on a live broadcast. Count on The King’s Speech being named in most of the marquee categories, plus pulling in nominations for costumes and the like. […]

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