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Articles Tagged 'Kim Kardashian'


Royal Roundup: Kate’s Birthday – Big Bash or Cozy Gathering?

We’ll know in a short time, but it now appears that Kate’s 30th birthday celebrations will be reserved and low-key – not much of a surprise, really, and quite in keeping with the Duchess of Cambridge’s own public persona. There have been conflicting reports over the past week about how Kate’s old and new families […]

Daniel Craig vs. The Kardashians: It’s War

One of the reasons Daniel Craig is such an imposing figure as an actor is the very real seriousness he brings to his everyday encounters with people. Well, I say people, when I really mean journalists. And I say seriousness, when I mean anger. And he clearly has no time for anyone in the public […]

Salman Rushdie Writes A Limerick For Kim Kardashian

Writers do like to have a muck about with poetic forms, especially the really restrictive ones like haikus. Normally they’ll be trying to express some delicate emotion, like the happiness of a summer morn which has just been ruined by a swarm of wasps, chasing after your picnic. But just occasionally they dip a toe […]

Royal Roundup: Did Charles’ Charities Lobby Government Officials?

The Guardian is reporting that Prince Charles‘ charity organizations have been involved in lobbying members of the British government. The paper writes that letters and e-mails it has obtained show that the charities have attempted to influence ministers and officials on “politically sensitive topics,” including tax rates and regional planning and spending. “The series of […]