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Articles Tagged 'Kim Cattrall'

Toby Jones and Kim Cattrall composite

Kim Cattrall and Toby Jones to Star in New Agatha Christie Adaptation

If you were glued to the screen earlier this year for And Then There Were None starring Charles Dance, Aidan Turner, and Maeve Dermody, then we’ve got some very good news indeed. The BBC reports that the team behind it are adapting another murder mystery by Agatha Christie called The Witness for the Prosecution, and this time it’ll […]

Billie Piper, Pierce Brosnan and Emilia Fox

9 Surprising Family Ties of British Celebrities (and an Urban Myth)

We already know about Benedict Cumberbatch being distantly related to most of the genuine people he plays (Alan Turing and Richard III in particular), and anyone that hasn’t spotted a distinct family resemblance between Joan Collins the actress and Jackie Collins the writer (clue: they both have their father’s surname) isn’t really paying attention. But here are […]

Canadian currency

Canada Day: 10 Things About Canada That Are Very British

Imagine a land that has similarly breathtaking landscapes and climate shifts to that of the U.S., one that exists broadly in the same part of the world as the U.S. but has hung on to more British cultural influences than the U.S. wanted to. Wouldn’t that be something? Not an American Britain, but a third […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

WATCH: Now Benedict’s Doing Trailers For Graham Norton

What is it with Benedict Cumberbatch and trailers? The man is a buzzing hive of ‘coming soon’ generative activity, leaving a trail of darkly voiced teasers for his various projects trailing all the way back to, well, his trailer. Having spotted this trend, this week’s Graham Norton Show attempted to get him to turn their […]

Warning: Kim Cattrall Is… Secretly British

It seems strange to think that around the time that Kim Cattrall was born in 1956 in Liverpool, a bunch of local kids were thinking about forming the band which would eventually become the Beatles. Not that she’d be around to see it happen, having emigrated to Canada at three months old, and only coming […]

WATCH: Star-Studded Comic Relief Sketches Put Oscars to Shame

You can’t really go wrong with Jennifer Saunders (serving Dame Maggie Smith realness), Joanna Lumley, Kim Cattrall, Victoria Wood, Simon Callow, Tim Vine, and more camping it up in a dead-on spoof of Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs titled… Uptown Downstairs Abbey. “It’s a tale of a house divided. By stairs,” the narrator intones. Brilliant. […]

Kim Cattrall Set to Sex Up Kipling Drama Alongside Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has already been cast as Rudyard Kipling‘s doomed son in an ITV drama. We’re fine with that. But guess who’s playing his mother? If you said Kate Winslet or Samantha Morton, you couldn’t be more wrong. I kid you not: his mum will be portrayed by none other than Sex and the City […]