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Keith Richards

Keith Richards Writes His Second Memoir, For Kids

Keith Richards has already written one version of his astonishing story—Life; the one rock ‘n’ roll fans wanted him to write, with heavy emphasis on his musical endeavors, his wild times with the Rolling Stones and his preposterous drug intake. That one was for the grownups, and two million of them bought it. His second […]

The Rolling Stones

LISTEN: Rolling Stones Latest Single ‘One More Shot’

“Oooohee, baby.” The Rolling Stones “have got a message for you” with their latest single ‘One More Shot’. It’s the second release from their greatest hits compilation ‘GRRR!” Oh, sure, people may think the iconic band is asking for “another shot” at living the rock ‘n roll life. But, aren’t they already? The iconic band, led […]

Happy 50th Birthday, The Rolling Stones!

Now, before anyone attempts to blow out the impossible wall of fire on the cake, we are going to pause for a moment, and attempt to summarise the adventures of the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band In the World, the piratical gang of suburban bluesmen from the foggy streets of Olde Londone who reintroduced America […]

10 Baddest Brits In History (Or Popular Legend)

Baddism can take many forms. You can be a badass, bad-meaning-good, bad-meaning-cool or even just plain bad. And British history being what it is, some of our baddest characters have also been pretty awful, and some of our most noble countrymen have also been total badasses. It’s confusing. Here follows, then, a ragbag collection, a […]

Mick And Keith Finally Bury The Hatchet (For Now)

Well now, here’s a story which is kind of a surprise and yet also no surprise at all. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have announced they’ve put their bickering behind them, and are finally able to spend time together as friends, just like they used to. The squabbling Stones hit a rough patch in their […]

Keith Richards Saves Isle of Wight Radio Station

Keith Richards in his latter years, is turning into quite the most bizarre and wonderful human being anyone could meet, is he not? Sharper than anyone has a right to be after the life he’s lead, and able to laugh at himself enough to appear as, effectively, his own dad in the Pirates of the […]

Five Great British Rock Memoirs

Pete Townshend’s autobiography, which has been on the way for something like 20 years, is due in the fall, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. He’s clearly been there and done that, and he can spin a yarn, so it’s going to be great, there’s no question. But how will it compare […]

Do British Actors Keep Hollywood Franchises Like ‘Pirates’ Afloat?

Hollywood is addicted to the British. While much has been written of late about all the comic book superhero roles being nabbed by English or Commonwealth-born actors, it’s the casting of supporting roles in blockbuster film series that is really keeping talented Brits employed. Consider Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth and […]

Rolling Sex Beatles For The Olympics?

Some news stories contain such a heady mix of excitement, horror and wishful thinking, no one is entirely sure how best to react: this next item is a perfect example. Next year sees London play host to the Olympic Games, and as is now traditional, there’s going to be a ceremony which will be eye-peeling, […]

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