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Articles Tagged 'Kate Nash'

Karen Gillan

A Second Scalping for Karen Gillan?

Karen Gillan may have been a little quiet since Selfie ended, but two recent news stories have emerged that suggest she’s going to have another busy year. She told the Daily Record that she’s a little bit nervous at the prospect of a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, in case she is once again […]


Kate Nash’s Ultimate Mixtape: Six Favorite Songs of All-Time

Earlier this year, we spoke with singer/songwriter/actress/activist Kate Nash about her third album Girl Talk, a Bikini Kill and Slits-inspired departure from her pop debut. (That interview became a wide-ranging discussion on everything from Kim Kardashian to Doctor Who.) But just recently, we asked her a challenging question: if she only had six songs to […]


WATCH: Kate Nash on ‘Girl Talk,’ Feminism and Kim Kardashian

If you’re looking for the radio-friendly Kate Nash who sang her debut smash “Foundations” — the aggrieved heroine whose boyfriend vomited on her trainers, amongst other indignities — you will only find hints on her on Nash’s third album, the rip-roaring, Bikini Kill-influenced Girl Talk. When she splashed on the scene at 19 in 2007 […]

Music Roundup: Adele Bests the Beatles

While the rest of the world has been enjoying it for nearly a month, Adele finally brings her long-awaited second album, 21, to U.S. shores today. And once again, the English singer/songwriter with the great, smoky soul voice sorts through various tales of love gone wrong. “It broke my heart when I wrote this record, […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Kate Nash’s “Pumpkin Soup”

I really wasn’t a fan of last year’s irritatingly verbose “Foundations,” and I tried to resist this one. But Kate Nash‘s “Pumpkin Soup,” with its horn sample and adorable “I just want your kiss, boy” chorus, is just too infectious. I’m addicted.

Kate Nash To Critics: Stop Comparing Me to Lily Allen!

Rihanna may have spent her tenth week at No. 1 on the UK pop charts – a record for this century – but it’s Kate Nash‘s name that’s on everyone’s lips this weekend. Certainly, if not for Rihanna’s modern classic, Nash would be sitting pretty atop the chart herself, and the press has gone into […]