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Carol singers at Bath Christmas Market (Pic: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

10 British Holiday Songs Every American Should Know

We’ve already named the three key songs without which no British Christmas would be complete, and our sister site Mind The Gap has compiled a list of songs that will remind every British ex-pat of home, simply because they are currently blasting out of every shop doorway and will continue to do so until Boxing […]


Kate Bush’s Albums Ranked (Updated)

In London tonight (August 26), Kate Bush makes her return to the stage in her own right for the first time in 35 years. There have been one-offs here and there—for a long time fans were more likely to see her singing next to a comedian at a charity event than performing one of her […]

Kate Bush

Quick! Come To London! Kate Bush Is Returning To The Stage

Now here’s a news story no one could have predicted coming anytime soon. The reclusive genius pop star Kate Bush, who has not made a live concert appearance in her own name (cameos excepted) since 1979, has announced she will perform 15 concerts at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, later on this year. The show even has […]

Kate Bush meets the Queen

PICTURES: Kate Bush Takes Her CBE From The Queen

There’s something about these pictures of famous performers meeting royalty that bends the head a little. There’s Kate Bush, there’s the Queen, they’re shaking hands, as normal people do. And even when you know that Kate is receiving her CBE for services to the music industry, and that is a ceremony that naturally involves meeting […]

WATCH: Kate Bush – The Last Shadow Puppeteer?

To support the release of her startling album 50 Words For Snow, Kate Bush has just released a third animated video, this time using shadow puppets. As with the previous two, it’s for a section of one of the long songs on the album, a five-minute long puppet show taken from the 11-minute song “Eider […]

10 Greatest British Tracks of 2011

As the sun sets on another year, and the bloggers post their final compilations, attempting to make sense of quite a disparate musical landscape, the Anglophenia music obsessives have been busy in conference, trying to work out who owned 2011, and who failed to even grasp 20:11. It’s been a rum year for British music, […]

Kate Bush Week: Her Five Best Videos

When she signed her first recording deal at the age of 16, and was sent off to grow up a little, the one thing Kate Bush wanted to study was dance. That’s why so many of her early appearances on camera are fully theatrical occasions, with songs being acted out thoroughly, movements choreographed to key […]

Kate Bush Week: Five Great Kate Collaborators

For someone who has the reputation of a musical hermit these days, Kate Bush has a lot of friends and has collaborated on a startling variety of different projects. It’s not just a question of her bussing in performers to garland her songs with strange and wonderful sounds either, she’s been known to accept the […]

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