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Articles Tagged 'Kate Arnell'


WATCH: What’s Hot in Coffee? Let’s Hit Shoreditch’s Cafés

That skinny latte just isn’t hitting the spot anymore. People are expecting more from their cup of Joe than ever. Which trends are bubbling up in the world of coffee? Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell hits the cafés of London’s trendsetting Shoreditch to explore how the familiar morning beverage is evolving. Subscribe to our YouTube series for […]


WATCH: What’s the Latest British Slang?

Every morning, we bring you the Anglophenia British Word of the Day on our Facebook page. If you’ve been following us, you know there’s a plethora of terms to learn. However, with British youth culture generating tons of new words and phrases to grasp, it can be hard to keep up. No need to worry: […]


WATCH: How to Make Tea the British Way

Previously, we explored the history behind Britain’s obsession with tea. But how do you make the perfect steaming cuppa the British way? Most tea consumed in America is iced, but folks in the U.K. need something a bit hotter and stronger to deal with those grey British days. Join Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell for a proper […]


WATCH: How to Swear Like a Brit

Swearing ranks up there with taking tea and discussing the weather as a British pastime. If you’re uninitiated in the colorful world of British swearing, Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell offers you a master class in the latest episode of our YouTube series. Don’t worry: we won’t turn the air blue with the naughtier terms, but here’s […]


WATCH: Confusing Things About a British Home

Washing machines in the kitchen? No plug sockets in the bathroom? There are plenty of features of a British home that might surprise Americans, and our brand-new host Kate Arnell welcomes you into her humble abode for a tour of those quirks in the latest episode of our Anglophenia YouTube series. Watch before you rent […]


Meet Kate Arnell, New Host of the Anglophenia YouTube Series

We’d like to welcome aboard Kate Arnell as the brand-new host of the Anglophenia YouTube series. (Watch her first episode.) She comes to us from London where she’ll be providing us with her own unique insights into her home nation, the United Kingdom. Kate got her start as a presenter for MTV, and she’s worked […]