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Articles Tagged 'Judge Dredd'

Judge Dredd: The Half-British, Half-American Action Hero

Forgive us, we’re going to mention the Judge Dredd movie again. And the reason we’re going to continue to do this is simple: the British reputation is at stake. The British have proven themselves to be very good at creating a heroes in literature. Usually these are clever people, with a waspish sense of humor […]

WATCH: New ‘Judge Dredd’ Trailer

The trailer for Dredd, the second stab at a movie based on the British comic book character Judge Dredd, has arrived, and it appears to be aiming squarely at the crossover point between Blade Runner and Die Hard. The film stars Karl Urban as the cold, law-obsessed futurecop, fighting a drug cartel based in a […]

News Roundup: Emma Watson, Too Famous To Date

There are many downsides to growing up in public. The public catching you while you’re in mid transformation from one thing to another and deciding that’s the real you. The fact that every mistake you make gets captured by a camera somewhere. But the worst has to be that every tiny crumb of romance gets […]