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Articles Tagged 'Judas Priest'

Shredded music

10 Great British Bands Get Shredded

Let’s not spoil this with too much talk. Suffice to say there are 10 videos here, featuring some of the greatest musicans that Britain has produced. Only, they don’t really sound all that magnificent here. Quite the reverse, in fact. Queen I want to break free! Iron Maiden Run to the hills! Radiohead Is everything […]

Motorhead T-shirt

(Up To) Eleven Of The Greatest British Rocker T-Shirts

See this pic? That’s Sarah from BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black rocking a particularly iconic Clash teesh. The kind of teesh you could convincingly pretend you’ve had since you were tiny, after it was handed down by your roadie dad or something. It’s the kind of teesh you wear if you want people to know you […]

K.K. Downing Leaves Judas Priest After 42 Years

Some heavy metal bands are like a family, where all (or most) of the original members stick together for as long as they can, and when it’s time to go their separate ways, the whole thing crumbles like a sugarcube in a hailstorm. Other heavy metal bands are like Dracula, forever feasting on the blood […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law”

Continuing with our Pride Week theme, I bring you the man who exposed millions of metalheads to gay leather-fetish culture: Rob Halford, the fierce frontman of Judas Priest. The band itself was a huge crossover success for heavy metal: songs like 1980’s “Breaking the Law” made them rock radio mainstays. Halford’s coming out eighteen years […]