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Articles Tagged 'Joss Stone'

Royal Roundup: Kate’s Dress is the Big Draw at Palace Show

Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress is the centerpiece of the exhibition honoring the royal wedding that opens at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. “It is just a work of art and a tribute to British couture,” Caroline de Guitaut, the exhibit’s curator, told Sky News. The dress is by no means the only item in the show, […]

Joss Stone Narrowly Escapes Kidnapping

News has just broken of a terrifyingly close call for the British soul singer Joss Stone, who appears to have been at the centre of an alarming kidnap plot, which was thankfully foiled due to some sterling detective work by her neighbours. Two men, both in their early 30s, have been arrested by Devon police, […]

Five Great British Things The Americans Ruined

So far in this series, we have examined 10 great American institutions, and the effect a British influence has had over each one, for better or worse. Now it’s payback time. Here are five things which were originally very good, and then became very bad (from the British perspective) once re-interpreted by the Land of […]

Morrissey Cancels More Gigs; Joss Stone Takes On Perez Hilton

Still ill: Morrissey has been hit with a throat infection and has cancelled two more shows, according to Pitchfork. “Under doctor’s orders not to sing for the next three days, the boy with the thorn in his larynx has been forced to cancel two dates: tonight’s gig in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Friday’s set in Philly. […]

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Defines Pop; Joss Stone Defends Robbie Williams

I quite like Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Her album, Trip the Light Fantastic, is unavoidable if you go to a New York City bar or club, but she’s still a cult figure stateside. With her pale skin and frosty voice, she’s unusually remote for a pop star. But don’t mistake her for some pretentious Madonna clone with […]

Is America Ripe for Another British Invasion?

So many UK bands and pop stars have found success in America recently that the BBC is declaring a third British Invasion. (Seriously, this has to be the 12th or 13th one by now.) For the first time since the early '80s, the States are ripe for the plunder, industry insiders say. The reasons cited […]

Joss Stone’s Album “Highest-Charting Entry By British Female Ever”

Send us your poor, your tired, your huddled celebs: America has long been a place where battered and bruised UK stars seek redemption. This week alone, Heather Mills has become a somersaulting sensation on Dancing with the Stars, and now, Joss Stone's new album, Introducing Joss Stone, has made U.S. chart history: debuting at No. […]

Lily Allen Insults Americans, Joss Stone Blasts the UK Press

You can’t love Lily Allen without loving her big, ballsy mouth, and for the most part, I agree with her statements about Madonna, Kate Moss, sexism in the music industry, and celebrity body image. Therefore, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt for her most recent and most immature statement. She’s currently touring our […]

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