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Articles Tagged 'Jordan'

Hide! Katie Price is Coming to the U.S.!

Anyone who saw the E! reality series following Katie “Jordan” Price and her then-husband Peter Andre will know that she is someone whose ambition knows no bounds. So it’s definitely going to be champers o’clock in the Price household this week, now the news has leaked that she’s about to present her own reality TV […]

Pamela Anderson on Jordan: “I Have No Idea How She Became Famous”

Pamela Anderson has slammed her big-boobed British counterpart, Jordan: “I have no idea how she became famous. [Anglophenia note: um, she posed topless for a rag. Kinda like you did, Pammy.] She shows off her kids all the time in TV shows – that’s beyond low…I’d never do that. Kids can’t make that decision at […]

Katie Price Becomes Kate Andre: Jordan Changes Her Name

Jordan a.k.a. Kate Price wants to be known as Katie Andre now. She has taken the last name of her husband, Peter Andre.(The Sun) No. 1 on British teenage girls’ wish lists? Boob jobs so they can look like Jordan.(The Sun) Critics find Jordan’s nomination for a British Book Award “depressing.”(Mirror) Jade Goody “was involved […]

Don’t Touch Her, She’s Ginger: Britain’s Problem with Redheads

You’d think that the baby’s ridiculous name would be a greater cause for alarm, but Jordan‘s more concerned that her newborn daughter Princess Tiaami is a budding firecrotch. “I don’t mind, though. I love her anyway, even if she’s a ginge,” she told OK! Magazine. “Actually I think when people are horrible about people with […]

Peter Andre’s Slow Recovery Thwarts Jordan’s Sex Life

Jordan talks about how Peter Andre‘s recovery from meningitis: “We have not been able to have sex yet. I can’t move and he is too ill – we are as bad as each other! He did blow his load once and I said, ‘Oh, you are getting better then!” The woman’s all class.(The Sun) A […]

Peter Andre Suffering From Meningitis?

We make jokes at their expense – and they provide more than enough material – but the truth is, Jordan and Peter Andre have endured more than their share of tragedy in recent years – Jordan’s miscarriages, numerous health scares for their young son, and now Peter Andre’s illness. You probably know that the Australian […]

Jordan Reveals Peter Andre’s Asphyxiation Fetish

Our favorite living blow-up doll gives an interview with The Sun about the effects of her pregnancy, and the “WTF?” quotes just keep coming: “I am one million per cent having a boob job after the birth. “It will be my fourth, but I want new implants, possibly smaller, and to perk them up a […]