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Articles Tagged 'Jedward'

Bat For Lashes

The Brit List: Five Recent British Hits, Covered By YouTubers

Last week I had a bit of a moment getting grumpy about the gentrification of pop music, with particular reference to deliberately minimal and maudlin cover versions of old hits for the sake of advertisers. But that doesn’t mean I’m against cover versions. Far from it. So as other blogs are starting to put out […]

What Are They Doing to This Poor Cat? (VIDEO)

If you don’t know who Jedward are, they’re twins, they’re Irish, they made fools of themselves on the British X Factor (all the way to the bank), they wear their hair in sky-high quiffs, they’ve met Obama, AND they’ve found a nice little niche as minor Internet celebrities. And just recently they have posted a […]

WATCH: Jedward Performing For President Obama

Being a visiting dignitary in a foreign country must be a baffling experience, especially when you are subjected treated to a showcase performance of the best talent that country can muster. You probably have to develop the best poker face of all time just to get through some of the weirder moments. But surely nothing […]

Blue Blame Political Voting For Eurovision Failure

We probably should have mentioned this in more detail earlier on in our Eurovision coverage, but one recurrent criticism that the entire event suffers from is the question of voting bias. It’s considered that some countries are giving their nearest political allies a boost in the voting in order to show solidarity and support, rather […]

Eurovision Report: The Second Semi Final

That’s it then. The second semi final of Eurovision is over, eyeballs have been peeled, ears destroyed, all of the 25 finalists have been selected, and there is, in a very real sense, no turning back. The big surprises? Well the Netherlands have gone, and they’re usually very good, as have Belgium, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, […]

Pop Star Calvin Harris Pulls a Kanye on X Factor

Wearing a pineapple on his head (!), Scottish pop star Calvin Harris invaded the X Factor stage Saturday night during John and Edward‘s performance of Queen‘s “Under Pressure.” Calvin probably intended the moment to be a cross between Kanye West‘s ambush of Taylor Swift and Jarvis Cocker‘s booty-shaking during Michael Jackson‘s BRIT Awards performance back […]

X Factor Twins John and Edward Shame a Nation

Sometimes it’s the awful contestants on TV talent shows that make viewers come back each week. So maybe Simon Cowell was making a smart business decision when he put the vocally-challenged John and Edward, a.k.a. Jedward, through to the next round on his UK “singing competition,” X Factor. Watch Jedward’s performance of the Ghostbusters theme […]