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WATCH: 007’s ‘Spectre’ Shuts Down Streets of Rome for Car Chase

Spectre director Sam Mendes talks us through the on-set one-on-one battle between the Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 in the James Bond 007 video blog. Filming called for eight Aston Martins specially built for the production. In addition to the tailor-made luxury cars, the Spectre crew commissioned stunt Aston Martins, which are “fully caged […]

The ‘Flying Lady’ Rolls Royce hood ornament (PIc: Scott Olsen/Getty Images}

6 of the Most British Cars that Ever Existed

In praising the automotive excellence of an entire country, it’s never the middle ranking vehicles that take the credit. You’re not going to see too many appreciative blog posts hailing the Austin Princess or Ford Granada as icons of a bygone age (although in a sense that’s exactly what they were). No, to really cut […]


Snapshot: 16 Photos of Great Britain’s Jaguar Then and Now

Whether you call the British car “jag-U-are” or “jag-war,” there’s no doubt about it, the Jaguar is sleek and fast, having been designed for the road and the racetrack. And we’re not the only ones keen on the luxury automobile. Damian Lewis starred in a 12-minute commercial, which felt like a short film; Benedict Cumberbatch lent […]


Damian Lewis Stars in 12-Minute Jaguar Commercial

Damian Lewis (Homeland) sports his native accent in the Jaguar advert, disguised as a short film, produced by Ridley Scott’s (Pompeii) advertising company, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The 12-minute commercial even has a title, which is … Desire. Swish, swoo. The Jaguar is a sexy car so it makes sense to have a sexy-ish title. […]