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Articles Tagged 'Indian food'

Kippers and toast (Pic: Kai Hendry)

5 British Breakfasts From History

For all that the great British fry-up is the king of all breakfasts (shut up, granola; back away, scrambled eggs; don’t test us, waffles, you will lose), it was not the only choice available to peckish Brits down the years. Not while there were kidneys to devil and kippers to smoke, at any rate. Mind […]


Five Recipes From Victorian England

I don’t know how you’re planning to celebrate the return of Ripper Street to BBC AMERICA on Wednesday, April 29, but I’m thinking of having an all-day Victorian pig-out. Who’s with me? The rules are pretty simple, all you need to do is eat Victorian recipes all day long, and by the time the credits […]

Britain Curries Favor With New Favorite Curry

Here’s the takeaway: Britons now like spicier Indian food. According to a recent survey by the British Curry Club‘s Chaat! magazine, jalfrezi curry — a blend of hot green chilies, peppers, tomatoes and onions — is the number one curry in Britain. It usurped the top spot from the longtime favorite, chicken tikka masala, a far milder […]