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WATCH: Minnie Driver on Playing Welsh in the Musical ‘Hunky Dory’

In Hunky Dory, out on Friday (March 22), you can find British actress Minnie Driver starring in a coming-of-age musical film set in Wales in the 1970s. Driver, who sings in the picture, plays a teacher who is getting a group of schoolchildren to perform a rock opera version of The Tempest. Her character is […]

The Brit List: Minnie Driver: ‘A Bad Accent In a Film Makes Me Enraged’

London-born actress Minnie Driver tried on a Welsh accent to play a drama teacher who encourages her students to put on a rock ‘n’ roll musical version of The Tempest in the ’70s-set film Hunky Dory, which premiered at South By Southwest. And she apparently worked very hard to perfect her straight-outta-Swansea inflections, as she […]