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Missy and the Doctor

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How to Dress Like Missy

One of the best things about the arrival of Michelle Gomez as Missy in Doctor Who is there’s another character with a totally identifiable look that you could spot from a mile off. Granted, that look is a variant on someone else’s identifiable look (she’s like a scary Mary Poppins, or Scary Poppins), but if […]

The First Doctor and his monocle

‘Doctor Who’ And The Eleven Archaic Wardrobe Choices

The Doctor has a magpie eye when it comes to getting dressed. He knows what he likes, and what he likes tends to be unaffected by the vagaries of fashion, because he is a man out of time. So rather than aim for a timeless sense of style, he cherry-picks items that interest him, whether […]

The Best Eleven Items In The Doctor’s Wardrobe

Doctor Who fans are obsessives when it comes to detail, and rightly so. They’ll spend ages scouring thrift stores, costumiers and the web to track down exactly the right cat brooch to go with their painstakingly hand-sewn Sixth Doctor coat, and then fret that the trousers are the wrong shade of yellow. So, it’s no […]

‘Sherlock’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Sherlock

The trick with Sherlock cosplay is less in getting the exact same clothes that he wears. It’s to carry yourself with that imperious bearing, as if you are an emperor of the intellect and everyone else, even the people for whom you have an unaccountable affection, are less than serfs. So, it’s a straight back, […]

Clara and the Oswinettes

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Clara Oswald (Updated)

Ladies, congratulations, if you’re considering attending Comic-Con and cosplaying Clara, you have hit the jackpot! It’s entirely possibly for you to stroll up, dolled up to the nines in your perfectly accurate cosplay costume of a fantasy character, looking amazing, and then go off and attend parties afterwards without succumbing to latex heat exhaustion. Also, […]

How To Dress Like The Sixth Doctor

Let’s pause a moment to recap. The First Doctor dressed like an Edwardian patriarch, the Second Doctor was a clown, the Third Doctor a dandy, the Fourth Doctor looked like an eccentric Lord (with a constantly cold neck) and the Fifth Doctor was a cricketer. What does that make the Sixth Doctor? A cushion? A […]