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Bond Girls: Where Are They Now?

Honor Blackman, who you may also know as Pussy Galore, turned 90 years old this past Saturday (August 22). Her Goldfinger character will reappear in the forthcoming 007 novel Trigger Mortis, written by Anthony Horowitz. Blackman was recently spotted out and about in London and starred in the British sitcom You, Me and Them in 2015.  We checked in with Blackman […]

Timothy Dalton

10 ‘Doctor Who’ Actors Who Were Also in Bond Movies

Note: for reasons of canonical purity we’re excluding spoofs, even the 1967, Bond-mocking Casino Royale. Sadly this means the list can’t include Jonathan Pryce, Joanna Lumley, Ronnie Corbett, Bernard Cribbins or Rowan Atkinson but at least we’re pure. 1: Timothy Dalton 007 Status: James Bond, in Licence To Kill and The Living Daylights (see picture […]

Sex Pests: Steer Clear Of Honor Blackman, or Else!

We’ve all seen it happen. A young girl is sunbathing on the beach, and without meaning to, she catches the eye of some musclebound jackass with a narcissistic streak, and he starts to harass her. At first it’s just annoying, he won’t take the hint that she’s not interested, and stealthily starts to invade her […]