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Articles Tagged 'Homeland'

Damian Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence Hug

Damian Lewis Comforts Jennifer Lawrence After Red Carpet ‘Homeland’ Spoiler

American Hustle actress Jennifer Lawrence was visibly nervous right before meeting Homeland actor Damian Lewis at the Screen Actors Guild Awards show. It’s not that she was starstruck but more in awe of his character Nicholas Brody. Well, maybe a mix of both? Lawrence told Access Hollywood reporter Shaun Robinson, “I’m freaking out a little bit. That […]


DON’T WATCH: New Trailer For ‘Homeland’ Season 3

Normally we’d be cock-a-hoop with a brand new (as of yesterday) trailer for the new season of a hit TV show starring Damian Lewis. Actually, anything starring Damian Lewis would do. Normally, the very appearance of such a thing would create a frenzied stabbing of the play button on the video embed below, and a […]

Brits Playing American Actors

10 British TV Actors Posing as Americans

There’s a number of British actors putting their infectious accent on the shelf and donning American personas for our viewing pleasure. Let’s take a peek at British actors currently on American TV: 1. Tom Weston-Jones  Tom Weston-Jones was born in England, raised in Dubai and plays an Irish-American cop in BBC AMERICA’s Copper as Detective […]

Damian Lewis

WATCH: Damian Lewis Granted Freedom of the City of London Award

Damian Lewis (Homeland) has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London based on his achievements as an actor, reports BBC News. The gift of the Freedom of the City of London is believed to be one of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies still in existence today, with the first Freedom presented in 1237. […]

WATCH: Full Trailer For New Damian Lewis Drama ‘Homeland’

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? You like Damian Lewis (as proven by this little poll we did), WE like Damian Lewis (and are not afraid to admit it), so if there’s a gritty new TV drama which features Damian Lewis, we’re going to want to watch it, aren’t we? Especially when it looks […]