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WATCH: Christmas Ads Already Starting in Some Places

Some people get chills down their spine when they hear Christmas music too early in the season. And others get into the spirit. The high-end supermarket chain Waitrose is getting a head start with the help of celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and the music of American jazz singer Cab Calloway. We apologize in advance if […]

Mad Men, Lobster Bib

10 Adorable Things Americans Do (According to Brits)

It’s time to take a breather from telling you about all the American things we Brits think are weird, daft or amusing. Some of the stuff they do is just plain delightful. 1. Going out for dessert Like wide-eyed Lost Boys, Americans live for the sweet stuff. And this means it’s perfectly fine to head […]

American Flag Outside

Flying the Flag: American Style

The Union Jack has become incredibly popular in the U.K. in recent years. Where once us Brits would have felt a bit of a Charlie donning Union Jack attire, the country is now awash with bedding, t-shirts, footwear, high fashion, low fashion and everything in between. Marks and Spencer even launched their own range for […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving Notes for Brits

If an American asks you what you’re doing “for the holidays”, he or she is talking about Thanksgiving, which is almost upon us. When they’re going off somewhere for a week or two in the summer, it’s their vacation. Thanksgiving can be a tricky one for Brits in the U.S. Although we grew up with […]