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Anglo-Kitchen Taste Test: The Scottish Dish Haggis

When the name haggis comes up in conversation, or in Anglophenia posts, people seem to shy away, but really, if you like sausage or meatloaf, it’s not that scary. The Scottish delicacy is cooked in a casing made out of the stomach lining, which is probably what turns people off. But you don’t eat the casing. […]

Strawberries and Cream

Mint Julep Day: Five Foods the British Only Consume Once a Year

It’s a little uncomfortable out here on this limb, making assumptions about the tastes and dietary habits of two whole nations. But we all know that some foodstuffs—whether they are commemorative dishes or special drinks—really don’t work that well in everyday life, once taken out of their best-known context. For every daily meatball sub, there’s […]


Haggis: Banned In The U.S.A.

Note: It might be an idea not to read this particular story if you’re having breakfast. Or lunch, for that matter. As you know, we’re firm advocates of British cuisine. Marmite in the cupboard, pasties in the oven, and fish and chip paper in the bin. So it came as something of a shock, while […]