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Articles Tagged 'Great Scott! It's A TARDIS!'

A TARDIS toilet (Pic: BBC)

TARDIS Toilet Appears Outside a Bristol Cafe

Warmley’s Waiting Room Café in South Gloucestershire did not need to build a TARDIS restroom in order to be a charming place to take a pot of something warm and wet on a blustery afternoon. Located in a former railway station waiting room, which now faces a cycle path between Bristol and Bath, this establishment […]


‘Doctor Who’ – Why is the TARDIS Set So Iconic?

There are two designs that the team behind Doctor Who got absolutely right from the very start, that continue to work in the same way—with relatively minor alterations—as they always have. One is the Daleks, and the other is the TARDIS interior. As we head towards the broadcast of An Adventure In Space and Time, […]

Great Scott! It’s A TARDIS! (Part 3)

Welcome back to Anglophenia’s occasional series about TARDISes appearing in everyday life, just doing their TARDISy thing, in a TARDISy kind of way, and generally keeping it as real as it’s possible to keep it if you’re a TARDIS. Today, we take our hat off to a man called DaveNinja, who , in 2010 managed […]

Great Scott! It’s A TARDIS! (Part 2)

Hello again, GSIAT! fans, here’s the second installment in our not-remotely-regular roundup of police boxes spotted in actual locations, and not just for the benefit of at TV crew. This green police box, located in Sheffield, has become a local landmark, surviving numerous attempts to phase it out. There’s been a box on this site […]

Great Scott! It’s A TARDIS!

Welcome to a new, occasional thread here on Anglophenia, in which we point out where you can find an actual blue Police box, of the sort that they based the original TARDIS on, in an everyday situation. I have no idea how many of them there are, but let’s use this opportunity to pool our […]