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The Greenwich Prime Meridian

Why Do International Time Zones Start in Greenwich?

Last Sunday (October 26), British clocks went back from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time, restoring the whole country to the internationally unified line from which all time (and distance) is measured: Greenwich Mean Time, which is derived from the Greenwich Prime Meridian, running through London. But why London? Why not Istanbul or Indianapolis? […]

Clock Court, Hampton Court, Greater London, England, United King

Snapshot: 13 Photos of Grand British Clocks

We’ve hit the holidays, it’s the final stretch of the year and next thing you know it’ll be 2014. While time is speeding by, let’s slow it down by perusing some of U.K.’s towering clocks. Take a look at this snapshot of 13 “time machines”: Are you a clock collector? See More: Will Anyone Call […]