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The British Walking Dead (Pic: AMC/Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

If American TV Shows Were Remade for Britain

In the magpie world of TV, hot new ideas for TV shows scoot across the Atlantic in both directions all the time. For every show that started in the U.K. and became something else in the U.S. (The Office, Sanford and Son), there are just as many that started as a bright idea in an […]

Royal Roundup: Prince William Plays Street Hockey in Yellowknife

Despite flawlessly landing a Sea King helicopter on water at Prince Edward Island yesterday (July 4), Prince William failed to a net a goal during a street hockey game in Yellowknife on Tuesday (July 5). Kate kicked off the “shinny” game by dropping the orange ball, but passed on participating due to being in some […]

Royal Roundup: Duchess of Cambridge and Jane Austen Are Cousins?

It seems that Kate Middleton has quite the family tree. We already know that she’s linked to American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, and now some new genealogy research reveals that she and Jane Austen are also related. According to Reuters, says that Kate and the English novelist, whose celebrated works include Sense and […]

Matthew Morrison Eyes Jessie J for ‘Glee’ Cameo

Matthew Morrison surely has a thing for name-dropping acts he’d like to see featured, or better yet guest star, on Fox’s hit dramedy Glee. He’s already said that Sir Elton John and Adele are on his wish list, but now he’d like to add Jessie J. “She’s incredible!” Morrison told The Daily Mirror. “That voice! […]


Royal Roundup: Kate Rules with Her Reiss Dress… Again

Cheers to trendsetter Kate Middleton. She sure knows how to set off a fashion frenzy. You know that tan “Shola” number The Duchess of Cambridge wore during her visit with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle on Tuesday (May 24)? Well, it sent aspiring fashionistas in a mad dash to the Reiss website in […]

UK Chart Report: Too Distracted For Pop Music

Let’s be honest, none of us have been paying much attention to musical matters over the last week, have we? What with the Royal Wedding and the new series of Doctor Who (and today’s news events), there’s not really been a lot of room in people’s minds for the comings and goings (or otherwise) of […]

Plan B Plans ‘Glee’

In an act of transatlantic friendship and brotherhood that would startle anyone who doesn’t regularly read this blog, Matthew Morrison — the man who plays Mr. Schue in Glee — has been telling the UK press what a fan he is of Plan B, the uncompromising rapper-with-a-guitar who hit paydirt squeezing himself into a sharp […]

Matthew Morrison’s ‘Glee’ Wish List: Adele, Sir Elton John

The Glee guest star list is pretty impressive at this point, don’t you think? We’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, among many others, showcase their talents on Fox’s award-winning musical dramedy. But if Matthew Morrison a.k.a. Will Schuester has anything to say about it, there are two Brits in particular that he’d […]

UK Chart Report: ‘Glee’ Cooties Threaten an Infestation

Oh Lord it’s happening all over again. We’ve been clear for weeks…months even. And now The Infestation is back, maybe worse than ever before. In retrospect, we should all have known it was coming. It’s our own lack of vigilance which is to blame. All it takes is for there to be a quiet week […]

‘Glee’ Star Matthew Morrison Crushes on Keira Knightley

Digital Spy is reporting that Matthew Morrison a.k.a. Glee‘s Will Schuester has the hots for British women. Specifically English actress Keira Knightley. He hearts her so much, he wants her on the show. But his reasons for that go beyond the craft of acting. “I’m such a sucker for women with British accents,” Morrison told […]

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